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FDA once again on the basis of detecting a Listeria contaminated product, finds insanitary conditions at a producer, this time at Henrys Farm Inc. of Woodford, VA. It would be much better for everyone if FDA had found these conditions beforehand. These repeated exercises by FDA should be a warning to the produce industry, that sanitary conditions in produce operations need improving across the board. It also points to the tremendous job FDA will have in cleaning up the produce industry, if and when they are able. Until then, it appears reacting is the best they can do.
Here are the findings as published by Food Safety News:

– Rodent pellets in bags of mung beans, along with gnawing on 25 kg paper bags of soybeans located in the refrigerated seed storage section. and in a shed 200 feet West of this storage area. FDA reported "a foul odor consistent with rodent infestations associated with the shed."
– Gaps under the door to the refrigerated seed storage area and holes in the ceiling of a shed containing soybeans 
– A hand-washing sink draining used water onto the floor
– An accumulation of debris in the exit bin of the wash chute leading to the sprout air dryers and packaging machine and on the underside of a conveyor belt that transports soy beans.  
– Loose metal burns on the metal mesh conveyor belt in the sprout processing area measuring about a quarter of an inch around. 
FDA also charges Henrys with misbranding its product, saying the company’s sprouts failed to bear a label including the name and place of business of the manufacturer or the net quantity. 
Who are the commercial buyers and distributers of these products? Do they have a clue what they are buying and selling? Food safety at this level of the produce supply has a long, long way to go.