Florida presses on its reckless path of destroying public health and continues its sinking spiral of deregulation. Here is another story about how political pressure by industry and lack of public outrage whittles away our safety net. All of this is occurring at a point in time where federal efforts are strengthening public health agencies to protect the food supply. Florida’s Restaurant and Health Care lobbies dictate public health policy and the apathy in Florida is truly remarkable. Transfer of public health protection to untrained licensure officials coupled with less inspection will mean more hazards and illnesses. This is exactly what we saw in the restaurant industry when the health authorities were removed from restaurant inspection.

Are we saving money? Nobody seems to think so. So what is the real motive? Its simple, here in Florida our legislature listens to industry, and whatever they want they get, what is best for the consumer is not even considered in these decisions. Not once has anyone said "this is in the best interests of the people of the state of Florida". Our political machine is off the hook here, what a SHAME.

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