So now we have an idea what eliminating health inspections is all about in Florida. The republican congressman from Florida who chairs the House Health Care Appropriations Committee (vice chair), a Mr. Frishe, says he has gone through a kitchen before and thus is a qualified health inspector.
Further, Frishe sees no reason DCF and AHCA workers can’t inspect kitchens and questions the need for a bachelor of science degree for food-service inspectors. "I’ve gone through kitchens before and I know what to look for," said Frishe.
Frishe also says, harshly, "A group (of legislators) would just love to dismantle the DOH," said Rep. James Frishe, R-St. Petersburg, vice chairman of the House Health Care Appropriations Committee. "That vote was to send a message." 
Thanks for your message. We get it, congressman, loud and clear. 
What an incredibly bad understanding about what it takes to ensure food safety and an arrogant and freaky demonstration of total ignorance.  Not to mention a complete disregard for public health and safety.
Whether you are a regulator or not, all food safety folks should monitor this ugly situation in Florida.
Again, a link to a good overview of the situation.