I referred this “anonymous sanitation complainant” to the proper authorities in the jurisdiction in question. This message brings up some very interesting points:

1. Working conditions and health of employees and the duty of the employer

2. Attitudes about cleanliness

3. Motivation

4. Self esteem

5. Communications

6. Duty to the public

7. Duty to the firm


I don’t think the health department can fix all of these problems. 


REGARDING: My Compliant

PROBLEM: Everything is falling apart. Roaches are EVERYWHERE. The place has a very unclean atmosphere.

I have problems keeping myself in the mood to continue my employment there. But if anything, maybe this letter will find the right ears and maybe something can be done.

I’m not sure how much I’ve eaten from that restaurant, but now that I work there and have seen 1st hand the environment in which the food is subject to (roaches crawling on walls, floors, equipment; finding roaches in drink mixes) – the place is NASTY and I cannot find another job at the moment to get out of blank.


I request to be ANONYMOUS – If I can be entitled to some claimsuit after seeing how the food has been prepared and served in such an environment, food that I have eaten most recently, I feel I’ve been violated, my trust misplaced, my money wasted on food that is not of high quality.


Please let me know my options or what you or anyone else can do.