There are things in this bill below, that FRLA wants that are going to put consumers at risk. Specifically BPR inspectors will no longer have fire authority jurisdiction, this is a very big change from over 50 years the Division has taken authority of safety in restaurants and lodgings.

This abrupt change will make it very likely that local fire authorities will be overwhelmed as they have had no time to gear up for the added 100,000 inspections per year that now must be made. This is short sided and will mean a huge burden for taxpayers. As you know, the industry currently pays the bill in license fees to the state for these services. Costs will now shift to taxpayers.

In addition, FRLA wants to make it a violation to have a manager work in a restaurant without a certification. In the past operators had 90 days to get certified after hire. This will eliminate this grace period. While on the surface this looks good, the impact of this will be to increase the revenues of FRLA as they are in contract with the division as the preferred provider of food safety training.

This is a self serving bit of legislation and is not good for Floridians or its visitors. I would think on the fire inspection issue insurance companies would have an opinion on this, it makes one wonder. Right now this is zipping through top approval with all opposition either effectively muzzled. This legislation needs to see the light of day along with all of the other interference FRLA pressure has had on public health and safety.
See lines 135-139, and 184

Fire Inspection Bill

B 2016C1 Public Lodging and Food Service/Fire Code – GENERAL BILL by Regulated Industries;