Environ Health Associates, Inc (Environ) is a multifaceted environmental health consulting firm located in Central Florida. Formed in 2003, Environ creates disease control programs such as HACCP systems, develops innovative sanitizing products and services, conducts audits and provides education and training for national and international clients. The company works throughout the US, the Mid East and the Caribbean on larger projects. The company performs  research and consulting projects for private clients and under contract with national and international agencies. The company develops and promotes several unique products such as electrolyzed water to address environmental contamination. Environ Health Associates is actively involved in the promotion and application of HACCP and on site validation of sanitation effectiveness. Environ Health Associates is a partner with Information Technology firms and the author of on line training courses including,

"Applying HACCP Principles" (HACCP Alliance Accredited)

"Food Safety First!" Video and website

Food Safety for Employees and Food Managers



Services include:

  • Food Sanitation
    • Consulting
    • Training/Certification
    • Outbreak Mitigation
    • Auditing Farm to Fork
    • Microanalyses
    • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
    • Product Development
    • Regulatory Approvals
    • Expert Testimony
  • Water
    • Design and treatment of public water supplies
    • Design and treatment of public swimming pools
  • Air
    • Mold mitigation and IAQ
    • Legionella pneumophila control